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the people who owned this place before us must have either been totally ignorant of their footprint or just did not care.....

in this house there are

8 lights set into the ceiling and 4 spotlights in the living room
the kitchen has 2 sets of 4 spotlights
the downstairs hall has 4 spotlights
the upstairs landing has 3 spots
and the bathroom has 2 spots

total 27 halogen spotlights !!!!!

all the other rooms have normal lighting ie just one standard ceiling rose fitting.

needless to say we are in the process of replacing them all.

Sounds like an NZ house! :-?

oh dear......

As you know Mogs, Kaz and I have been looking at one or two propertys of recent and we have come across houses like this as well.
I can't understand some peoples fixation of having spotlights built into the
ceilings. Its a turn off not only for footprints but also for style and functional reaons.

it is soo annoying because we now have to remove them from the ceiling, and fill the holes or have the ceiling replaced......

My kitchen has 12 spot lights, and 6 in the units. Bedroom has 8!

I dont give a toss about my carbon footprint!

I drive a diesel guzzling 4X4 and think nothing of showering the countryside with lead every weekend .



Stop it. He likes that sort of thing. :smt103

:: :: [smilie=pdt_aliboronz_24.gif] :: ::

And he shoots dolphins. For fun.

Our kitchen has recessed spotlights, 10 of them, which we have recently had installed. Having worked for the last 10 years in a poorly lit kitchen I will never change these ones, now I can see properly it makes cooking a pleasure. We don't have them on all the time, only when we're cooking, we have other energy saving lights within the kitchen that are used when I'm not working for general lighting. The living room has a ceiling rose with about 10 lights in it, but that's on a dimmer and we seldomly put it on but it's there if we need work lighting, usually the lamp is on in the evenings. All the bedrooms have one light, all on dimmers. We are very strict about turning off lights when they're not in use. My point is that it would appear we have a huge carbon footprint when it comes to lighting, but we use it responsibly. I don't see anything wrong with having decent work lighting for when you need it.

Especially from the safety aspect in the kitchen "L".
I have 11 low voltage Halogen lights in the ceiling and 9 under wall unit lights to eliminate shadows plus 2 in the extactor hood. Like you, apart from cooking I just use the under unit ones when in the kitchen making a cuppa or getting a sandwich and they are switched off on leaving the kitchen. Rest of our lights are either energy savers or on dimmers. Front bedrooms are lit by the street lights and we never use our main lights at all and bedside lights very rarely.

We have 24 bulbs in the house. Like you mogs when we moved in everywhere had the recessed spotlights. I hate them but the OH has been putting off changing them because he has to fill the holes in the ceiling. Add that to the list as long as your arm of what is still to do to the house and we will be here for the next twenty years sorting it all out. :banghead:

We have got 28 light bulbs and that doesn't count bedside lamps

Bazzer wrote:
Front bedrooms are lit by the street lights and we never use our main lights at all and bedside lights very rarely.

Does EDF know you are stealing power from street lights bazzer? It does carry rather a heavy fine mate! ::

You keep on fick Essex Geezer an' I'll put yer bdooly lites owt. :angry4:

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