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Light Sussex

Bodger your Light Sussex are getting some very favourable comments. I have directed two people in your direction (on here) for hatching eggs next year.

I hope that's OK

I don't seem to be able to post photos on here but a link to the photo
Yorkshire Geordie

Here's one of the pictures, Sandrar......

and another ...........


Thanks Martyn. Not quite sure why I can't post photos any more - always use to.Must look into it.

Sandrar. I'll need some hatching eggs from you this spring. I've lots of hens but the male line needs some back up to keep the line going.

  No problem

I've got loads of hens and I have them running with A Fred hams cock, if you like, I could send you some eggs off these.
I've lost both the original stock cock and a super looking last years bird. I'll be much obliged.

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