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Lifeboat Station Porthdinllaen

We have a new lifeboat at Porthdinllaen but they are having to build a new Station for it

This news link explains about the new lifeboat and the problems transporting building materials to the site.

Martin took a walk over to the area today and now, instead of a coastal footpath to get down the the site a set of scaffolding steps have been constructed. Grace, the labrador hated them and had to be carried all the way down

This is the site of the old  Lifeboat station

and this shows the barge that is bringing the materials in by sea

The only raod access is this small road which comes through the village and then up to and through the golf club - this  photo is taken from the golf club. I think that it has been agreed that no more than 2 vans a day will access the site from this road.


Thanks for that here barges are very rearly used don't know why as that looks fantastic way to do it  

What a sensible way of doing things!
Did Grace have to be carried back up too?



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