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Lidls heads up........ Garden & Diy tools

Lidl have DIY tools on special from today.

which includes drills, sanders, associated accessories, the (very excellent) sliding mitre saw, and spare blades for it.

I've had my Lidl's sliding mitre saw and SDS drill for three years now and I cannot make a single, solitary complaint against either of them................ I am doing a little reclaimed pallet timber project with some local beekeeping friends and a couple of allotmenteers, and on Staurday last I made over 1250 cuts with my saw, and I've done over 1000 cuts this morning with it. Although my original blade is still in good to reasonable condition (after 3 years of semi industrial use by me) I'm going to pop over to lidl's in a few minutes and pick up a replacement 3 blade pack for 9.99......... I can't go wrong at that price.

Next Monday it is time for the garden stuff at Lidls again, and this time I am going extoll the virtues and ease of use of their manual lawn scarifer. This is another of their garden tools I've had for a couple of years and again it is another tool that is very easy to use, does a proper job and I cannot fault (although why I bother putting all the hard work and effort into trying to have a nice lawn when Oz reduces it to mud bath that is something akin to a Flanders field or the Somme during the autumn, winter and early spring is beyond me).[url][/url]

Yea i have been more than happy with my long handled garden spade i bought last year , great for my back being 6ft2ins.

Thoughs are good prices compared to here(just X 2.2=$)

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