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Fishing gear time in Lidl again, picked up a load of sea fishing hooks, rigs, weights etc for a fiver and a very nice spinning rod that will fit in the boot of the Alfa GTV for 17.
Loads of other stuff in as well though guess it may have been Mondays offer as can't see it on the website.

their fishing gut is a real bargain better than any maxima and very thin  

I've just been down to Lidls to do the weekly shop.

Now I am a little bit of a tackle tart for; robust, hard wearing, reliable, value for money fishing tackle, and so my usual preferred first choice is Daiwa for rods & reels.

However, the reels for 5.99 each in the current Lidl's selection are going to take some serious beating. The size 30 is ideal for a bit float and light ledger work, the size 40 (with baitrunner feature) would be ideal for feeder and general ledger work, and the size 50 (with baitrunner feature) is going to be superb for for heavy feeder, heavy ledger, medium Carp, and medium Predator bait fishing.

The size 40 & 50 reels are left to right hand convertible, the anti reverse function is exceptionally crisp with almost (not quite) zero backlash, the spool drag is  surprisingly smooth and eaisly adjusted, and the operation of the bait runner facility is outstanding.  

Yep the spinner rod set comes with one of the 30 reels, and the hooks and stuff I mentioned are part of a 50 piece cod and mackerel set.

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