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Lidl breadmaker

Cheap as chips this week - anybody got one?
I know you get what you pay for, but as there's normally only me here I can't really justify shelling out for a Panasonic.
Wondering if this might just do the job?

Go for it. and let us know how you go on.
Our breadmaker gets a lot of use.

The cheap as chips lidl's special offer stuff is turning out to be reliable value for money items;

5 year old cordless hair clippers used twice each month

5 year old battery vernier guage

4 year old 240volt car polisher

3 year sliding mitre saw

3 year old 115mm angle grinder

2 year old 75mm belt sander

2 year old microwave

1 year old SDS drill

1 year old mincer.

along with various; spirit levels, drill bits, screw extractors, bicycle accessories, memory cards, digi box, etc.

All used and abused by me and still going strong

I'm persuaded  

And most of it comes with a 3 year warranty

Got it!
Tried the basic loaf last night. Not quite as good as the ones I make in the traditional way, but with a little 'tweaking' of the recipe and timing I'm sure it can be improved. Works well for the money!

Does it have the mix only option?

Thats how we tend to use ours.

Justme wrote:
Does it have the mix only option?

Thats how we tend to use ours.

me too Justme...but now I have a simon (well I have had a simon for the last 21 years but it so happens he has just been on a bread making course) who is now passionate about making bread by hand so who am I to stand in his I still make the daily loaf kneeded in the machine  though and he just does the fancy stuff.

Yep - has the kneading only option. I'd already considered that, as I'm not too keen on having 2 holes in the bottom of the loaf.  Looks like it has option of kneading/proving/kneading plus a kneading only for pizza dough. Looks like I'm going to have fun with this.  

Certainly my bread maker is best doing the dough the Rayburn doing the cooking.

2nd thoughts though....if it's just one small loaf, I wonder how economical it would be to use the LPG powered oven unless I was doing a 'big bake'. Gas has gone up another 4p a litre this week  
I wonder how much leccy the breadmaker uses?

I use my bread maker to makethe dough and take it out as soon as its finished kneading (about 14 mins) I then shape and prove.  One batch makes two good sized bloomers and cost about 60p for the two So its very economical from that point of view.  I will often make two batches on the trot which will give me two loaves and 6 huge rolls and a flat bread - enough to just about last the week and all baked in the oven at the same time.  I then leave one loaf out and freeze the rest

Well I've given it another go using the complete cycle (used a little less salt than their recipe said, and browned it longer).

And the verdict....good light loaf with crispy crust.

Excellent value for money - 35!!! Less than 2nd hand ones on ebay.

I'll probably use the 'dough only' option when I've got the oven on for other things.

Bang goes the diet though.

Thanks for your replies folks  

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