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Lidl ?

A visit to Lidl in the town of Pwllheli for me this morning.
A friend has told me over Christmas that up to Christmas Eve, the store was selling wild bird nesting boxes with a camera for just £23.50p. Here's hoping that they still have some in.
My friend said that they had plenty of them on the shelves, so fingers crossed. I've always wanted one of these but haven't been able to justify the price. These seem ridiculously cheap.

I like Lidl's. I can't get everything there but I can get a heck of a lot.
It's right next door to an M&S food hall here, and I spend more in Lidl's than Mark's.
Their fruit and veg is good, fresh out every day, and it's not so green that it takes a fortnight to ripen before we can eat it. They source as much as they can from local producers too.
Their cookware is good (and that's from someone who usually buys lecreuset and Denby) and their emergency repair tape is worth grabbing if they get it in again as is the cellulose thinners.
The socks have been excellent, as were the teashirts.

Frozen food and the cheeses are very good too. They had an enormous range of Christmas food, from three bird roasts to German bakery stuff. From Scottish salmon and venison to ostrich steaks.

The fancy wee bird house bird feeder I bought though fell apart in our sodden bit of the world. I think that's the only failure out of all the stuff I've bought, to be honest.
I bought a set of binos from them, and those have been really good, as has the garden stuff.
They don't water their plants often enough though :/ apparantly they know, but they don't have much time. They pay better than the other supermarkets do, but they fair make their staff work for it.

We dont have a Lidl's near us but we do have an Aldi's, i think its great , lots of nice tools and good prices ,

We went and had a look at the nest boxes. They were actually priced at 29 quid but that wasn't why we didn't purchase one. Yes it sent pictures to your laptop but what my friend didn't tell me, was that it came with a 20metre lead that had to be plugged into it and the nest box. Not quite what I visualised.

Ah, that's a shame. Not quite the same thing as you'd hoped for.

Wait and see, something will turn up……how about adapting a cheap cctv camera, like the doorbell ones that let you see on your computer/ phone just who is as the door before you open it ?


If I tell you that its Karen who has to mend the plugs in our house, then I think that just about explains everything.     [/b]

I keep the instructions for how to do it, with a neat wee diagram, at the back of my recipe book  


They had those nest boxes with a webcam in at Tyddyn Sach... Tyddyn the garden centre near Y Ffor before Christmas, but they were around 60 quid.

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