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Liden whitewood furniture

I've spent the day sanding down and undercoating a couple of bedside cabinets for the spare room, and I've a suspicion that they are Liden ones. Does anyone remember this company?
They produced a pretty comprehensive range of quite solidly made whitewood furniture in the 60s and early 70s, for painting and finishing at home. Our first fitted kitchen was a Liden one and our son's nursery furniture. It came assembled, not flat pack, and you painted it as you wished.
I think the company had gone by the 80s paint effects craze, when we were rag rolling, sponging and crackle glazing anything that stood still for long enough - which was a shame because they would have done well.

Remember them well but never bought any.
Being a wealthy Printer back then, all my stuff was Schriber from Harris and Gibsons, delivered and sited.

We replaced the Liden kitchen with a Schreiber one, and the Liden units were relegated to the garage. Long after the schreiber one had fallen to pieces(hinges and fittings NOT made to last) the old liden units were still going strong in the garage, full of tools and horsey gear! I wouldn't be surprised if they were still there.

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