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Leylandii !

At the weekend, in a fit of enthusiasm we decided to fell a rather large leylandii that had out stayed its welcome. The tree had grown huge very quickly and had started to exclude light from a biggish portion of the garden. Our only armament in taking on the task, was a couple of bow saws and a pair of garden 'loppers'
What a job but we managed to get it done.  I seem to have been all week cutting the green fronds off the numerous trunks that the tree had sent off and I'm far from being finished. The cutting the tree down was easy compared with te preparing it and tidying up after.
Once all the greenery has been removed, we'll cut it up into usable logs with the trusty electric B&D saw and then, the logs will be stored under cover while they dryout for use in two winters time.

I've got a couple of willow trees that need felling and these also will be added to the cache for winter 2012.
Neither will probably make good winter fuel but as they say "every bit helps" and I'm sure that most people must be like me, in that I get a good feeling out of getting logs in for free. It makes the hard work well worth the while.

If you season for 2 years they should be okay.

We never burned softwood, even in the woodburner. Too much spitting and crackling for the amount of heat you get - although it does make good kindling.

Have you ever tried splitting leylandii ?   Its almost impossible. We burn everything on our two stoves from pallets and anything else thats free at source. We do have to buy in wood at times but always look upon such an occasion as a defeat.

In the exmoor national parks they now have a planning law that states that they are not allowed to grow more than 1.5m tall then they have to be lopped.

These that we have, have been in for 21 years and are 30 to 40 something feet tall. We have a belt of them that keeps the draft off but the one that we dropped was on its own and in the wrong place. My hands stink of the sap from it.

ten years ago we planted a good area of willow to pollard and the results have been quite good. They don't have the heat of some wood but put in with other sorts burn nicely  

we are very lucky with our wood.  All free it just takes labour.  Probably enough mixed deciduous woodland to last us several life times plus the hedges as they are layed.  Burning lots of oak, ash and beech this year - next year it will be more ash and beech

Kaz and myself have slept pretty well these last few nights. During the day, we've been beavering away cutting down the trees and tidying away.

I've got a new garden stool where the Leylandi once stood.

and who was it that said that leylandi would make good kindling? This is going to be a sod to split.

Our new woodpile for the winter after next. Well worth the effort.

We'll be getting warm a lot sooner than that though, when we torch this on bonfire night, or maybe if we have a wassailing celebration.


Satisfying work though....

bodger wrote:

and who was it that said that leylandi would make good kindling? This is going to be a sod to split.

Not sure how I missed this. Pop it on our tractor splitter if you need to.

You're on for that Richard. Thanks mate and don't forget we still have your fleecy.
Calli, its let a lot of light back into the garden.

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