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We are thinking of planting leylandi on a windswept side of our field for a fast growing wind break. We graze horses and sheep on the field - does anyone know if leylandi is harmful if the animals eat them?
If so, any better ideas gratefully accepted! - the faster growing the better!

hello Emsley,
               leylandii is poisonous to horses and sheep. I do know people who have them in a field that they keep horses in , but it is poisonous . You could try willow, salix viminalis, very fast growing can be use as fodder for goats etc . also you can cut it every year and make baskets out of it , leave it to grow for three years and crop it for fire wood or use it for any number of things. It will grow to about 9-10 the first year from a cutting, and if cut back will get thicker and thicker each year.


Russ .

Thanks for all the info, Russ.
Another 'horsey' person said plant the leylandi, but I did have a doubt in my mind - hence the post!
Willow was our own personal choice, we have seen 'mammoth willow' on gardening sites, so I think this is the one to go with
Will now google salix viminalis.

shame you are not nearer- I have loads of them growing- using them for sun shade for my hens- and things like living sculptures.

They grow like mad

Glad to hear they grow like mad - just what we want  

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