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Learning something new...poor Jills!

Our local vets has just posted this to FB:

Jill ferrets will start to come into season this month, so if you are not going to be mating her you will need to be thinking of other ways to make her body believe she's pregnant or stopping the heat altogether i.e. either putting in a vasectomised male or bringing her to the vet for an injection to stop her being in heat. It is extremely important as, if none of these options are taken, she will remain in heat and keep producing estrogen which will eventually prove fatal. Please get in touch and make an appointment if the hormone injection is required, it is a quick and simple injection that just goes under the skin.

I never knew that. I don't need to know that but I still find it enormously interesting.

I knew about it and tell my wife it could be fatal !

I have heard of this before but I did not know it was fatal.

Itś all a bit rough.
A new meaning to love bites !

Bloomin' 'eck!

Ferret foreplay is not the most gentle.

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