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Lawn alternatives

Our lawn is looking extremely sad at the moment due to a combination of little rain, me scarifying it hard 2 months ago, and it being the work area for many on going reclaimed pallet projects; but at the moment we don't mind.

The previous owner was no gardener and when we moved in last August the lawn was in poor shape; thick moss, dense thatch and bald spots. I've mown the grass once this year, and when I bought myself a Lidl's hand scarifier I gave it a good going over removing most of the moss and thatch, leaving me with a sparse area with the occasional blade of grass, and something that is now akin to a dust bowl.

With all the pallet projects and other hard landscaping currently going on I know we won't have any grass this year, so I am looking to reseed in mid September ready for next year. However, as we are not looking for a bowling green or cricket wicket I thought that we don't have to have a featureless grass monoculture. Our lawn is going to be a utility area with Oz running up and down it, me walking over it, and grazed by chickens in a movable pen. A little variety would be nice, not only to view and smell, but also to add to the compost heap when the lawn is cut. So I am preparing a lawn seed mixture that so far contains: Chamomile, Thyme, and white Clover that will be blended into the grass seed ready to be sown.

I would be obliged if you could suggest other seeds that could be added to this lawn mix of mine.

I think you would be best off using a bought lawn seed especially for hard wearing areas. I know its a bit dull but you could still add some white clover if you fancied. From experience chamomile lawns and thyme lawns only work if they are just admired and not actually walked on - and they are not good in the winter. Love Lizzie

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