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Lavender Show

Didn't think I would have much Lavender this year - the cold weather almost killed my plant off which would have been a shame cos I've had it since we moved into this house in 1996!

We gave it a good pruning and it seems to have come back well -      

My poor Rosemary bush didn't fare so well - we'd had that almost as long and that got killed off good and proper!  Have had to buy a new one!  

I love lavender.

I love lavender as well and we have a huge 'bush' that comes back year after year. It needs cutting back this winter though as there is more on the path now than in the garden plot . We have bought a nice French Lavender this year as well

Those french lavenders need to be brought in during the winter, they can't take the cold!  I've had all sorts of lavenders and the only one's that have managed to grow to maturity is this big bush in the back garden and a cotton tail lavender in the front garden.  I think it's because the dogs have trashed any later additions - plus the french lavenders I've had, I haven't been ar5ed to bring in have I and they've copped it!  

I was told to cut back our lavender every spring, maybe this is the wrong time to cut back.

When does everyelse cut back their lavender?

Yes we do Border but it's always the first job we do, before it starts sprouting for it's new growth and it seems to work.  Maybe if it isn't working for you, try and trim it back a bit in the autumn, when any remaining flowering heads have dried out.  

We take any dead heads off just using old scissors and give it a general trim and we always seem to get a great display.  As I say, this year, quite big sections were dead so we took about 3 of them off and trimmed back where it had gone dry and flakey and it's come back better than I hoped for.

I bought my friend a small shrub for her birthday a couple of years back in a pot because she likes fragrant things.  I noticed it in her garden looking seriously bedraggled.  She hadn't potted it on and it was really struggling so I took it home with me, repotted it and gave it a good trim and took it back to her.  She's taken better care of it during the summer and it's now trippled in size and she even got a few flowering heads on it - fingers crossed she'll be very happy with it next year!

Thanks Polly
I will cut them back a little more than I have done in the previous years and see if that helps.

They do flower, but not is as I remember my grandmothers lavender did.
We have lavender as a border around the patio. There always seems to be some sort of wildlife around the lavender, which is why I would like to see more flowering heads.

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