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Lavender from Lidl

I bought these two lavender plants from my local Lidl this week. I'm really pleased with them and they were only 3.49 p each. The equivalent in a garden centre would have between five and eight pounds each.

I Googled this interesting American website. Its full of information.

I like Lidl. I can't buy everything I need there, but their stuff's good, and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than elsewhere too.

I bought lavender there earlier in the year, and the plant is healthy, blooming beautifully (and if this rain lets up, I'm going to cut the flower stems to make lavender wands and bottles) and looking very well indeed. Not expensive either. Our local one had orchids in again. I bought some three years ago and they have bloomed twice a year, every year since
One has got three flowering stems this year.


We managed to grow lavender from seed last year and today, I intend buying some more seeds of a different variety. I'm also going to try and grow some from cuttings. Lavender has got to be one of my favourites.
One of our outdoor projects for the back end of the summer is going to be to create a Mediterranean garden and its going to mean us using a lot of lavender and gravel:thumbup:

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