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Last Year's hatchings

Here's a few photos of some of the stock hatched last year.

These are RIR x LS. Eggs were from the LS hens I hatched from Bodger's stock.

These are slightly younger (just started laying this week)


These are some of the brothers of the above laying stock. These are destined for the freezer.

And finally for Bodger, the superb hens that hatched from his eggs. Iv'e now got these in with a Fred Ham cock. I'm hoping for great things from them.  


Tidy birds

Your stock is looking fantastic, a real credit to you.

LOOKING BRAW ! lovely looking birds .

Thanks for the comments.  
I do think a lot of it is down to the top quality parent stock though.
The 5 Light Sussex hens in the photo produced these 5 eggs yesterday.

Dave C

Some good quality birds you have there mate.

In excellent condition  

What's weights are you aiming for with the cockerels?

To be honest Dave I don't weigh them.
When I start my role as the "grim reaper" I just pick the biggest and then work my through them over a few days.
As there are about 15 to do I won't be plucking them, most of them I will just be taking the Breast, Leg and Thigh meat.
I plan on starting this week as they are eating for England  and also are falling out with each other.
Must be Spring in the air.  
Dave C

Yes they think its spring here as well  

Some nice chicken dinners coming up in your house mate  

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