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Last nights Countryfile ?

Did you watch last nights edition. I found it very interesting.

First of all, they were in the Peak District and I love the area. I remember once taking our kids to the Speedwell Cavern. Going down those low steps into the cold depths and on the boat.  Seeing it brought back a happy memory.
In my much younger days, I also did a bit of potholing in the Peak District. A good excuse to get covered in red mud.  

The bit they did on the wild boar in the Forest of Dean was also of interest to me  and this morning, I got to get a little flavour of it.

When we got up this morning, probably because of the wet weather, the trip switch in the barn had gone off. That meant no electric fence switched on. We quickly reset the trip and restored the power. As I expected, when I did my feeding rounds, the GOS's were where they were supposed to be but as I continued my rounds, I saw that there were some little trotter slots in the grass where they shouldn't be!
The next thing I saw, was a little black piggy figure running with reckless abandon towards me and I could almost swear that it had the piggy version of a broad grin on its face.
One of the Large Black girls had taken advantage of the opportunity and slipped out of her pen for a bit of an excursion. Her mate had stopped where she was. ( Good girl, if it comes to it, we'll eat her last)
The escaper followed the feed bucket to her pen, where I fed the behaving pig. I expected the other one to slip back through the strands to the food but oh no! Not a chance ! The electric was back on and I had to trek back to the barn to switch the power off before she'd go back in.

All in a days work down on animal farm.

Still on the theme of Countryfile, it was heart breaking to see the devastation up in Cumbria and I here by reaffirm my commitment to taking a holiday in the Lakes next summer.

Adams bit on tractors was good showing old to new

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