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Last night we cracked our first ever barrel of cider.

Last night, we cracked our first ever barrel of 'proper' cider and we were pleasantly suprised with the results. It tastes like cider that we might possibly dare to sell. I might be ever so slightly biased but I thought that it was alright and as you can tell, I was pleased with the result.
This cider is the stuff that we blended a few weeks ago and was made by mixing cider from apples that we bought back from Herefordshire and the the sharper ciders that we've pressed from locally collected cooking and eating apples,

This cider currently resides in a five gallon polybarrel that needs to be drunk or bottle in the next few days, so if any of you are passing, it would be a shame to waste it.

That must be so satisfying! Congratulations  

Oh Many Congrats  
All that hard work paid off
Shame that now you have to drink it  

Fantastic news, well done mate    
chicken feed


Cheers, Well done  

why dont you buy some bag in box's and it'll keep longer.

  wish we were passing   great to hear all the hard work has paid off shame you have to drink it all "Yeah Right"


I've really taken the plunge this morning. I've posted a check off to pay for for 1100 litres of cider.  It will be coming up here in an IBC next week and its cider made from pucker cider apples, Its my intention to blend it with the cider that we made last season from the local cooking and eating apples. I'm hoping that the two combined will make a winning combination.
I've done a few blendings  along the same lines on a small scale and the result hasn't been half bad. Its still a bit of a risk and to say that I'm feeling a little trepidation, is to put it mildly. Still! I've done it now and what will be will be

Real pain in the butt mate having to do all that testing.  

I'm not 100% sure where 'slightly round the bend' is, but I doubt that it is anywhere near our part of France, or I'd be there in a shot!  

What a pig of a job, I don't know how you manage it!  

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