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Last Night - Thirty Photos.

Late yesterday afternoon, I changed the bait in the fox trap for a fresh one and left the manky old bait at the front of the trap as a tempter.
As expected, our nocturnal visitor turned up again and as you'll see from the photos, he was extremely nervous and wary of the trap.
If you wade through the images you'll see that he picks the old bait up and clears off with it before returning to have a good look at the fresh one. He definitely knows where the new bait is and I can only hope that in the next night or so, he overcomes his fears.
Ignore the times shown on the photos, it needs some fine tuning.  

By my reckoning, he or she visited the trap on at least four or five occasions through out the night. bdooly frustrating or what ?
I'm going to leave things as they are for at least the next two nights before  ringing the changes. Fingers crossed I catch the beggar sooner rather than later !

In one of those images the fox looks like it has a hen or something in its mouth.

Looks Fat -been feeding well -maybe the blackberries ?

Border wrote:
In one of those images the fox looks like it has a hen or something in its mouth.

I put the bit of manky old bait in front of the trap to give him a bit of confidence.

ok.....that will be it then.

The plan didn't work though, well at least it didn't last night. I was hoping for the best this morning but no luck.

It's not daft that fox, is it ?
I suspect you'll get it eventually as the hunger makes it bolder though.

We had two foxes and three badgers in the front garden just below the living room window a couple of years ago. Then new building works started just over the burn and they've not been seen this Summer at all.

The foxes kept trying to come before the badgers ( I admit I was feeding those on occasion). I reckoned that I could train the foxes to come for food at set times. They're happy with peanuts Bodger, love left overs, etc., it doesn't need to be a dead hen. Peanut butter on scraps of bread both smells and tastes delicious to them apparently.
Put it under a bird feeder and the blighter'll come for it and not suspect near as much a trap.
The local Rangers said that that was how they trapped one that was raiding one of their breeding sites.


I wish the red git would hurry up. The baits started to stink and I'm having to hold my breath when I go past the trap.  

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