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Last knockings of the 2016/17 fishing season.

For one reason or another I have not been able to get out fishing as often as I wanted to this season, in fact I got out on the rivers twice. The first time was last Sunday. The weather forecast looked good, the river Wensum was both clearing and fining down after rains in the previous 7-10 days, it was a full moon and the springtides were perfectly timed for me.

Alas, although the conditions were damn near perfect the sun was too bright, and as Pike have naturally upward looking eyes you will never catch one when there is little or no cloud in the sky. In-fact I didnít even see a fish; not even a tiddler in the margins and so yet again I blanked.

On Tuesday the 14th I ummed and I arghed about going out fishing and in the end I gave into my wish and set out. I really didnít know where I wanted to go, but once I left the house I sort of semi went on to auto pilot and headed to one of my favourite swims in Trowse meadow.

I arrived at the meadow some 10 or 15 minutes later to see another angler packing up, but he was one of the usual maggot drowning brigade and his session probably would have increased my chances as a predator angler: as drawing silver fish into a concentrated area with groundbait and regular feed also brings in the predators to prey upon them.

I set up a few minutes before 1pm on slack water just before the tide began pushing more water into the river, and as you probably already know I really like fishing a rising tide and the first hour of a falling tide, whether that be in the sea, an estuary or further up river.

My chosen swim was on the very confluence where the rivers Tas and Yare meet, and I cast my bait comprising of two medium size Sprats straight into the centre of the gentle riffle where the flow of the two rivers met and where the waters began to converge into one.

My 2 sprat bait was presented on a single Boilie hook on an 18Ē long trace attached to my go-to float ledger deadbaiting set-up.  I find it to be a very sensitive, giving clear bite indication, and is suitable for use on stillwaters and slow to medium paced rivers.

The view down my 18 year old 12ft Daiwa Vulcan-X deadbaiting rod.

I like to keep a nice clear "working area" when I am fishing.

Everything ready to use and immediately to hand.

Lots of room to move about without tripping over any tackle, and with the net handle placed at a convenient height for me to easily reach for when needed.

Oh! my float moved.

Yes, it really did move.

and it bobbed back up again.

First cast, only 10 minutes into the session and I hadn't even got my 2nd rod up and ready for use yet. †A very nice (already Spawned?) mid-double Pike gracing my 36" wide landing net. Perfectly hooked in the scissors with a single size No2 boilie hook on an 18" long trace and 2 Sprat bait.

I packed up and went home about 30 minutes later. The tide had begun falling and a school party of canoes decided to come up my section of river.

A really good end to this year's fishing season.

Nice clean flsh

Yes, she's in reasonably good condition and probably post spawning by a few days. Definitely not gravid judging by the shape of her abdomen.
A few blood engorged and several transparent Leeches on her and two light lesions on either side which usually indicate spawning activity.

Catch and release?


I'm not 100% certain about this but I think that these days it is illegal to remove fish of any species from public waters in the UK.
Private waters is at the discretion of the owner.

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