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mrs tiggywinkle

Las Vegas.....

.......and hated it!!!!
 Went to San Francisco first and loved it. A superb place, had a lovely hotel. Did a tour of the city and went to Alcartaz (facinating place). Pier 39 well worth a visit for the sealions and the clam chowder.
 Then we went to Las Vegas!!!!! Its horrendous, the drinking and gambling mentality is awfull. You may ask why we went..well it was for a wedding and that was brilliant and we had a really good day.
  We also went to the grand canyon which was and I quote "awsome". We flew in a helicopter to the bottom and had a short boat trip along the Colorado river. Fantastic.  
All I can say is that I've been now and wont EVER be going back.
 I will post some photos when I've downloaded them.

At least it sounds as though the visits before and after Vegas were memorable in a better way and you can say 'been there, done that'

Glad you enjoyed your before and after Las Vegas trip.  My niece has been there about 3 times now and cannot wait to go back, I guess it's one of those place you eith love or hate.  Looking forward to seeing the pic's  

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