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larson traps

can any one tell me how to make a larson trap,sizes,types of nails,weld mesh or chicken wire anything like that will help very much thanks

A quick google returned these results:

thanks very helpful

I think that I have seen them for sale in a local farmers merchants.

You can build them far far cheaper than buying them gets your springs from cheshire game supplies  

Am I too cheeky if I just supplement this topic to say that I've written a book of traps plans which includes a larsen.  It really does give step by step instructions.

Theres nothing wrong with links here already but I just wanted to add my own in too.

We are extremely happy to have someone so knowledgble as a member of OTG. So no problem whatsoever.

I wouldn't go that far, but to borrow from Gareths sig:

"The engineering graduate asks how it works"

I am and I did.  

For Gods sake , don't borow anything from Gareth.  :biglol:

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