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larsen trap

anybody got easy to follow plans to build a Larsen trap ,over run with maggies here.

Google it there should be plenty of ideas on there. I bought mine it wasn't too expensive. Jackdaws are the main problem here and I've caught two this morning so happy days.

Graham I could catch 102 of them and it wouldn't make a difference. We have millions of them in our area.

I don't need to catch them all John, just 3 or 4 will do. Hanging a few dead uns around the place will keep the rest away. Hopefully they'll have got the message before I drop dead from the smell
Dave C

I shot a few Jackdaws and hung them up
They still keep the Maggie's away and jackdaws are easier to shoot  

Caught a magpie in the trap this morning. There are so few of them around here I let it go. Jackdaws are still about but they're staying away from the pens where I've hung the dead ones.

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