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Large Profit by Gas Company Reported.

Earlier in the year, gas companies subjected their customers to a 15% across the board price rise in gas charges. Today, they have announced  a five fold profit increase for the year.

Inspite efforts to save power in the home and one or two stumbling attempts at alternative energy production, the gas companies have the consumer by the short and curlies. In reality, they are both the wholesaler and retailer of this vital product. This does not make for healthy competition and according to a report on the news this morning, at the end of the day, although we have six gas companies in the country, there's only 13 difference in price between the lot.


I'm even more miffed as I knew that my gas and electricity price was going to rise on April 1st (been on a pensioner's tariff so it was held of). Thing is that when I had a look on uSwitch I found that using the same company and a different tariff for a year I shall be 80 in pocket.

Cheers mate - every little helps. Just because you the supplier knows that there is so little difference between companies, do you have to keep us all in the dark about better offers. Yes of course you do. You need the profits more than we need to be able to pay the bill.  :smt077

If Russia now having reduced Ukraine's gas by 50 %, then stops European supplies, our bills will rise still further.

I did hear that the government is now trying to get the co-operation of the utilities suppliers by looking at a windfall tax because they are making a profit.  

So the companies will put up the prices to cover the loss or refuse to take their part in updating the infrastructure I suppose.

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