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Large Black Pigs ?

Did folks see the Large Black Pigs on Country File last night ?

I did and not that I needed any reminding of what I'm missing but it made me realise just how much I miss my girls. Its close on six months ago since I waved my two gilts off down the road to their new homes in Suffolk but maybe when we're settled into a new place, I'll be able to keep Large Blacks again?

Here's a memory.


Large Blacks are one of the few breeds we haven't kept, they did look rather good though and so docile! The last Welsh we had were rather boisterous and at times even dangerous as they got older. Trouble seems to be with coloured pigs in general is that they are not liked in many slaughterhouses and so people have migrated onto white pigs.
Rick & Carol

I had large blacks a couple of years ago & they were smashing, nice natures. This year we have two saddleback X large white/pietrain gilts. Pure black with white from the snout to top of head. They look like guinea pigs

Large Blacks have definitely superseded GOS's as my favourite breed.

They were great looking pigs and very docile

I prefer Large Blacks to GOS but overall I like Oxford Sandy and Black the best.
Their size suits me, their meat is superb and they are a great outdoor pig.  
They also have a temperament like a Labrador dog, come running up to meet you, waiting for a scratch behind the ears.
Dave C

Great picture  

The next door neighbour snapped the photo over the fence.

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