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To say that Grace the Lab has always been very interested in food is definitely an understatement

Recently her stomach has been audibly gurgling and we found the reason today when we saw her picking plums off the plum tree and searching the ground for fallen plums.

It may be gurgling even louder today as she found a part-used tub of yeast granules that the chickens must have knocked off the shelf in the barn. The lid was off and I found her scoffing the contents.
I've googled yeast and dogs and it only appears to be a problem if they ingest large quantities of proving dough which continues to expand in the stomach.
The lid was off and the yeast was a year past it's use by date so we'll just keep an eye on her ( and leave the back door open........)

I will not laugh, I will not laugh, it could be rather painful for the poor dog
but that was funny

Dave C

Yeah keep an eye on her stomach for bloat but it doesn't sound like she's had enough to cause a problem.
If she is anything like my 2 labs she will have a case iron stomach.

I bet it all it reaches the other end about 2am  

She seems to have coped with it and is just moaning because I didn't give her a full feed last night so as not to overload her stomach - she'll have to go and look for plums ......or there are the unripe pears that have been blown off the tree

is there anytrhing they want eat   and as said cast iron stomack

I don't think there is much they will not eat and relish.  
They are not known as "canine dustbins" without reason.  

I can't tell you how grateful I was to wake up this morning and not to find a big brown crusty one.
Yorkshire Geordie

You've just described a luscios Devon pastie, John.

That's not me - it's Brian, a Devon TRF stalwart with a penchant for pasties.

There,s nowt wrong with a good pasty

Grace was fine after her yeast feast......her latest find is the fallen pears in the garden   She is quite selective though, she is searching through them for the sweetest, softist, most rotten ones and is leaving the crunchy ones.

It was raining quite hard last night and the dogs didn't linger very long when we put them out last thing last night. I had a dollop to clear up this morning.

Ah, the joys of dog ownership.  
The worst thing is when, half asleep and bleary eyed you go to let the dog out and stand in it.

One of the chickens has been roosting out at night recently and is wondering about the yard of a morning. Despite having just eaten the bigest bowl of food you can imagine our lab is staight down the yard hoovering up every last bit of chicken poo he can find. Seems like the perfect afters to him.
Dave C

It all sounds very familiar  

Sure does  

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