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Labelling Requirements for cider

These are the guidelines that we were given on Peter Mitchell's course and advised to consult the relevant statutory instruments for more details.
1. Name - Must state Cider or Perry. If Vintage a designated year of harvest should be marked.
2. Ingredients List - Not required apart from specific ingredients including sulphur dioxide and sulphites.
3. Date Marking - Exempt.
4. Name and address of producer must be shown.
5. Alcoholic Strength by volume must be shown.
6.Lot Mark A visible, legible and indelible lot mark is required for traceability purposes (we use the date of bottling).
7. Quantity marking - size of numerals: 50ml - 200 ml: 3mm minimum
                                                           200ml - 1 litre: 4mm min.
                                                           Over 1 litre: 6mm min.

It is advised to contact your local Trading Standards to clarify labelling legislation and send a proof of your lable to get them approved before printing.

We took the Course book with us to the Trading Standards meeting and he was satisfied that we had attended a rigorous course and had the appropriate information.

many thanks Karen

Im rereading  Peter Mitchell's notes today (no mean feat).

Armed with Peter Mitchells notes, you should have everything you need to go ahead with your business. You should be better informed than just about any EHO or Trading Standards officer that you are likely to come into contact with. The notes that you are in possession of actually validate the knowledge that you gained on your course.

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