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Kune Kune piglets - 2 weeks old

I've already put theses pictures on Green mans thread, but I wanna show off here too!

Now how cute are these little munchkins?

green man

Well done , I want one if they only eat grass? I like the one that looks like mum best

Lovely photos - our kids used to ride on the backs of our outdoor pigs


Nice to see some photo's of the piglets over there, just like ours here!

That is one hell of a ring in the Sows snout, assume it does the job??


It is a big ring and I felt very guilty having in put in, but she and Bert were making such a mess of the paddocks it had to be done, they hated them at first which made me feel even worse, but they've healed up nicely, so all is well.

Kune kune are very good at losing the rings if they just go through the nose, but on top it's a little harder for them to lose it!

Well that's what we were told anyway!

Siamese pigggyyyyyy!!! :-)

They are lovely, I really want pigs.

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