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Koi Carp

We went to a garden centre today and they had a Koi Carp pool as a centre piece. Here are a few pictures.

There were some real big bruisers.

One of my other passions- living jewels- the true Japanese ones are better for quality and colour- but like everything you get what you pay for.
The colour is more intense- no pond at the moment- but its on my wish list- which is getting longer..............................

Im amazed at how long they live for .when we moved house when i was a child a 22 ft pond was built with natural spring water running into it.
the first fish we brought were ghost koi only babbys and now they are huge,along with 5 golden orfe ,a mirror carp,and a selected koi.
Through out the years we have also added gold fish and newts and frogs what we find in the garden.
the one thing we found what didnt go well was shabumkin they always died. rolleyes.gif
i will see if i can find some pics.

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