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Koi Carp

Anybody keeping Koi Carp ?  I have put some into two duck flighting ponds to try and keep them clear of plants and wonder if there are any special things I should do.

This is for Bodger who doubts it will work

Can I keep grow plants in my koi pond?

Only if the koi will let you! Large koi generally demolish or eat most plants, a selection of which are pictured to the right. Water lilies grown in large and heavy baskets that the koi cannot tip over may be alright and marginal plants will be ok provided you have a very shallow area that the koi can't get at. Most people eventually find koi and plants don't mix in the same pond.

Time will tell.

I stand corrected, but I thought that you would have been better off trying to get hold of some proper 'Grass Eating ' carp.
I've kept Koi here at home and the ponds have always been full of weed.

Koi carp, dependant on colour, would I imagine be very visible to both herons and two legged thieves alike.

Depends on the size of the fish- when they are young you may be ok- but the best bet is to have part of the pool sectioned off.

If I was you I would stock with a "native" fish- Crucian or commons- like john says the brightly coloured Koi will stannd out a mile and cost more than course fish

It also depends upon the size of the ponds, and how much natural food they contain: Bloodworm, Daphinia, Tubifex, Snails, Caddis, Shrimp, etc.

Kois only consume the plants in Garden ponds due to the lack of natural food available to them.

You will also find that the Kois will tend to loose their vivid colouration as they consume quantities of naturally occurring invertebrates, etc.

Just out of interest; are the flight ponds connected to any other water course?

If so you will need an EA section 30 transfer licence before transfering indigenous species such as Roach and Rudd, etc or stocking them with any non indigenous species such as Koi, Grass Carp, etc. ..... the fines and costs for illegally stocking Fish are astronomical.

Carp preference is bottom feeding- it is this action that causes most damage to the plants- especially lillies.

It might all depend on the stocking density of the fish. If you have enough koi in they will keep the water stired up and possibly cloud it. I f this is the case you will keep the weed growth down because the 'weed' wo'nt be able to photosynthesise properly due to lack of light.Just my thoughts.

I have grass carp in my flight/fish pond and have no problem with weeds.

The only problem I have, is that, if the corn I feed the mallard is set down in the water the carp feed on it to, which ups my corn bill.

I picked them from a Koi farm  and chose the  dark almost black
ones - they were cheaper as well.
The water in one pond is fed by a little pipe from a stream and back into the stream. Some netting is on the outflow pipe.
The other pond is fed by a drain/spring. This pond is muddy in colour from the ducks but I saw one carp yesterday in the grass on the margins before it swam away.
Thanks for the replies

It sounds like a very interesting project. Duck flighting now  and then possibly some fishing in the future.

Well that's interesting!

I wondered why my lake of about an acre is totally lacking in any sort of plant growth. We have carp, browny grey jobs sometimes up to 18 inches long. I used to feed them carp pellets and delighted in their greedy reaction then suddenly a couple of months ago they stopped surfacing to take the pellets. This coincided with a week long visit from six cormorants and I thought they had cleared the lake out entirely. However, just recently we have started seeing the big ones a reasonable shoals of smaller ones again although they are still not interested in the carp pellets. I'd like to grow water lilies but the lake is reasonably deep and cloudy. With that and the carp am I doomed to failure?

The carp will be more interesting in spawning than eating at the moment, so I wouldn't worry about them not taking pellets, etc.

As for the introduction of plants; have you any shallower water that you could plant with Canadian pond weed, and then the lilies a little further out on the edge of a drop off shelf? But It could take 2-3 years for the water to clear after planting.

It may also be be beneficial to introduce a Predatory species such as a few Perch or Brown Trout to control the numbers of Carp fry and young Carp.

They are a pest here and not allowed as they cause deaths of native fish  but are bow hunted by some      But some were tried in a local man made lake that has bad weed problem, didn't seem to work

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