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I was on my way out to feed the dogs when I noticed something fly into one of the trees in the garden. I stood for a few minutes but could not see what it was.
Anyway on the way back from feeding the dogs I saw a Greater Spotted Woodpecker inspecting the holes on one of the starling "high rises".

He finally found a hole he liked, and then started to remove the nesting material the starlings had put in there.

What his plans are, is anyone's guess.

It's a few years since we have had woodpeckers in the garden.


He's definitely sussing the place out.

Great pics, I remember those Starling hotels from when you posted them a few years back.  

Still have most of them J.

All the boxes are used at least once, if not for two settings every year.

We love watching starlings, especially in the morning where there has been a heavy dew. they line up and walk in line, back and forth across the lawns singing, while looking for worms and grubs, and boy can they keep those lines straight.

We don't get many around here, this time of year we should start to see a few migrant birds stopping off but that's about it, been here nearly 7 years now and only ever saw 2 house sparrows too.  

Thanks for those pictures - our woodpeckers have deserted us  

We don't have woodpeckers here but did see a kingfisher on a post other day, loads of starlings, sparrows and thrushes

Great picture , I'm looking forward to following this story . keep us up to date  
Dave C


I love seeing them on our peanut pecker
He is the only one the Sparrow hawk doesn't bother

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