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Sadly I never bothered to learn to knit as both my mother and grandmother were passionate and accomplished knitters so there was really no point. (if you pardon the unintended pun)

But I find I am sadly in need of a teacosy - before the teapot just stood on the Aga but I am still using the same silver teapot which is just the right size and now the tea goes cold far too quickly

I fancied a chickeny one - preferrably a cuckoo marans and saw this

If anyone would knit it up for me I am happy to pay or make a donation to a charity if they preferred

I'll volunteer Kaz. I'll tell her later Sue.

Are you sure that it isn't just a house plant masquerading as a tea cosy?
chicken feed

bodger wrote:
I'll volunteer Kaz. I'll tell her later Sue.

brave man !!!!!  

I'm trying to look for other chicken patterns but, surprise, surprise, I can't find any!

Edited to say that there are some nice fabric chicken tea cosies on Amazon!

How about lookimg for egg cup cosies and seeing if you can scale it up.
I am in no way a knitter, cant keep the tensions right apparently, but it might be an idea.

Is there a particular problem with that pattern?  I thought it looked cute - and rather cuckoo maransy

Have pm'd you Kaz - don't feel obliged just because OH volunteered you.

Im guessing bodger didnt tell her there was a pattern posted and she didnt notice your post lol.

He did tell me and I did see it
It's a downloadable pattern that you have to buy and I am mean and usually go for free patterns

I am more than happy to pay for it and all the materials and something for all your hardwork

I thought it looked a really good one, and I will have it in Thebus to remind me of all my chicken keeping years

darkbrowneggs wrote:
something for all your hardwork

Knitting doesn't count as work

I ma really looking forward to it  Cuckoo Marans colours please        .  And if it can be a hen rather than a cockerel even better - theirs looks to have a lot of tail streamers  

Pattern purchased.
On the lookout for Cuckoo Maran yarn

I'm sure that Bodger will help me to get the details right

Whoo Hoo !!!

I hope that this looks suitable for a cuckoo maran

It's so soft and fluffy that I think that Phoebe will pinch it for her bed

Perfect yarn!  

It was quite difficult to get a photo but here she is   She feels beautifully soft and fluffy as well.

I just need an address now so that she can reach Darkbrowneggs on her travels

Kaz, that's brilliant!  


WOW you are soo clever, that's fantastic

colour it green

well done


Wow - I love it.  I read your pm but I couldnt reply I had to get over and look at if first.  for some reason I missed the post of the yarn it must have been one of the days I was out of signal range

That will perfect for me and remind me of my chicken keeping days plus keep my tea nice and warm

I am probably leaving here tomorrow or the next day at the latest, but I know I have some things back at The Grange which need forwarding on, so if you sent it through to Julie she will get it to me

I will pm you now

Many thanks and love Sue.
Grandma Bodger

its a stunner Kaz you don,t let anything beat you  
mrs tiggywinkle

Its an excellent tea cosy well done Kaz.

I've been tasked with getting it posted off this morning. I should be able to fit it in with my busy schedule.

I do not drink tea, but that is brill and would certainly look forward to receiving it ....great job Kaz  


We drove down to Gloucester and back last weekend. On the journey Karen started and completed a pair of socks for me. I don't know how she does it. To a non knitter, it almost as though she doesn't have to look at what she's doing.  

Good grief !!! apart from not being able to knit, doing anything whilst travelling is impressive. I need to stare ahead and not talk otherwise I'm sick.

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