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Kiva lending / savings

Bodger post about if your money is safe in a bank got me thinking.
I have been spreading my small amounts of savings around different methods for the last few years ad one I do enjoy is kiva. They finance microloans to people in very poor areas and I loan $25 at a time to people whose stories appeal to me.
There is loads of farming and food as well as other categories to search and as the people repay the loans I get a couple of dollars back each month.
I don't get interest on my money but the banks hardly pay any and there is a risk of some capital loss but over the last 4 years I have made 130 loans totaling $3250 and lost 56 cents on currency transactions.
I have had no one has default on me and as the money comes back I reed it although I can withdraw it back to my paypal account.
It means I can't get at my money straight away but it is their Nd I love being able to support others with my savings. They really are working hard, not for me but for others.
I wouldn't rely on it for holding my life's savings but in a time when banks can take your money without asking its nice to have some elsewhere.
If anyone is interested in trying kiva if you join using my link below we will both get a free $25 loan to give to someone, as that loan is repaid the money doesn't come to us,but back to the corporate sponsor but it will still do the job of helping someone out in the mean time.


That sounds interesting - I'll have a closer look later (I've got  to go out into the rain to do the horses now )

Cheers gareth, that's another loan for me to make. Who doesn't like free loans lol.
Even if you can't make any more loans at the moment its free to sign up and if you follow a link its another 2 loans to be made.

its repayment day for kiva again so i thought i would bring this back up, up to 180 loans made now and still less than $2 lost in currency variations so if anyone fancies giving it a go they are still giving out a free loan to anyone who joins and if you use my link to join i get another loan to give out.
Even if you never do more than join and use your free loan thats 2 people who can be helped and supported in their busines in some of the poorest parts of the world.

Loan time again and this lady is lookimg for the last $225 of her loan with only 3 days to go if anyone fancies helping her out please join kiva followimg my link and we can both get a $25 free loan to give her lol.

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