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Kitchen Island?

We are dreadfully short of both work and storage space in our fairly small kitchen, so this morning, Karen and I have been to suss out the possibility of getting a kitchen island to go in the middle of it. If we have one, it will mean getting rid of the kitchen table and chairs but we think that this move should provide the answers to a lot of the problems that we have. Our kitchen as it stands, may look nice but its not as practical as we'd like it to be. We're going to have a think about it and make our minds up tonight, I think we'll almost certainly take the plunge and order it.

I just have a big old table in the middle of my kitchen, and find it invaluable.  Especially being a bit shorter than most    I find it makes it much easier for me than normal worktop height.

I put a lamenite top on top of my pine table so I can use it as a butchers block

We have an island.  We use it constantly.  

If we put island in ours it would touch the walls  

Love my Island and can't imagine being without it.....go for it, you will wonder  how you ever managed with out it!!  


we had a large one at our last house and it was invaluable

We have a block on wheels and a static block here that currently form the workstation and couldn't possibly be without it

Pretty sure you'll wonder how you managed without

Oh, 12 bore!                

Wilder wrote:
Oh, 12 bore!                

From us too    

& us    

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