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Kips first Rat

Hi All
Went to water the Pollytunnell this morning and came across a Rat lurking in the Strawberrys. Kip was encouraged to 'Seek' and she tracked it down. A short course and a shake, no more lurking Rat.

I was very pleased the way Kip conducted herself and the quick kill. But the highlight of the event was when she came off the corpse when told to 'Leave' Despite her obvious excitement, she dropped it and waited. Those training sessions are paying off me thinks. I can forgive her when I called her away and she came but went back for another worry. Well, you never know if there has been a bit of life left in it do you!



Good job, Kit!!!!!

Terriers aren't the easiest dogs to train at the best of times. Mind of their own, that's for sure! Great to see your hard work paying off. And one less rat on the planet is never a bad thing  

Goodgirl Kip, way to go  

She looks like she loves her work.

well nailed kip

The first of many

And many test holes to follow, well done the wee yin!


great result!!!

matt the rat

Our little Florence is now nine months old.

I have one contract where we cannot use any rodenticide, so the terriers are always useful

Every three months or so, the waste plastic is taken from it's store to be recycled.  It's one of Fernies regular outings, and we usually get up to 30 rats living under the plastic.

Last time out I took the then six month old puppy along to see the action, but kept her on the lead the whole time.

This time, I let her off the lead for part of the time, and she was very keen to get involved.  I was watching out for an easy young rat for her, but unfortunately while I was watching the action from Fernie a large doe ran past us both and Florence gave chase.

I couldn't stop her having a go at it, and watched her turn the rat over twice.  On the third attempt to turn it over the rat decided it had had enough and turned around and bit the puppy just under the eye.  A yelp followed, with an anxious owner wondering if I'd really screwed up, and then little Florence got angry and threw herself at the rat in a rage.  A good shake left the rat (which was nearly as big as her) in a state of near death.  Big sister then appeared from around the corner and finished the job off.

Here is a picture of Florence imeadiately after the incident, just prior to recieving a bit of doggy first aid:

And here is her big sister carrying the body of Florence's first rat:

I was a little worried that it would put her off rats, but she went on to kill a couple more greys after the incident.

Well done Matt, a pups first rat is a time when they get their first BITE of ratty. And it MAKES  or Breaks them, most terriers get the same reaction as your pup did and from then they have a hatred of rats.  Or they shy away and most won't attempt to grab a rat again   .

Nice looking pup too



Great Job Florence. Thankfully she wasn't put off Mat. Its a bit of a heart stopper the first one isn't it! Kip has taken a few more now and seems to be taking it all in her own stride. So far good kills and coming off on command. However,She hasn't come across the one who is going to fight back yet. They are mainly young Joeys, but are putting on size as the warmer weather here is trying to break through.



Great dogs love the story well told, I had a Border Colley on the farm and one morning turned lights on in cowshed and there was a big rat in the pit, in went dog Spike chased it around the pit for a while then it jumped out so spike grabed it and killed it, it seemed it was a game untill it jumped out then it was over

well done fella

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