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Kips first Hog Hunt

Hi All
I was working in the Barn the other day when Kip made a Mark behind some straw. I thought it was a mouse under the pallet. On closer inspection she was interested in the area between the pallet and cow shed wall.

Some of the straw was moved and it grunted and snorted a bit.

A bit more moved to reveal the grunter.

A large Hedgehog had taken up residence.

She took a sly nip and realised why I had gloves on! She certainly has respect for those little pigs now. All this was watched by one of the Hens laying her egg.



Learning Fast then Diz!! My mates cocker spaniel tried it on with one of my Big old Hob Polecats once,the Polecat put up with the hassling for about half a minute then give him a bite on the nose..the cocker spaniel was only doing what he's meant to do and tried to pick him up like a pheasant..he does not anymore!!

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