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Kick from the Buck...

A sad day for me yesterday,i lost one of my hob polecats in a incident that can happen while ferreting and one that i always understood when introduced to ferreting 8 years ago,although a first time it has happened.
 I had successfully started off and as usual the polecat done his job to the letter and from 6 buries we had nailed 9 coney,but on the seventh one i had entered the polecat and after a couple of minutes he emerged breathing extremely heavy and quickly,picked him up and he just lay there on the ground,he tried to get up but the back half of his body was all over the place,so plonked him the box and was checking him every 10 mins but he was only going downhill and started to almost 'seize' got him back home and but by this time there was fluid coming from his mouth and nose and hardly moving at all and breathing heavier and faster but with extreme noise also,phoned the old man quick and from what i described and we deduced that he had probably come up against a big buck and took a severe kick,and as he was not get any better after half hour i had to do what i hate doing and put him out of his misery
R.I.P 'Denzil'.

Aww that's very sad.  Occupational hazzard for him I suppose?  Still, he was doing his job being a real ferret and I'm sure that he's had a good life with you.

RIP Denzil.  

So sorry to hear that and it's hard to do the "right" thing as polly said I am sure he had a good life with you

Damn shame mate  

Sorry you lost him

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