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Kelvedon Hatch

Kelvedon Hatch Secret nuclear bunker in Essex.
Took myself, Mrs Wiz and my Sister off to the Nuclear bunker. It's a very interesting place that would have housed up to 600 people of local and National government in the event of a Nuclear strike.The bunker is spread over three levels, the lowest being 100 feet below the surface. You enter the bunker from within a small bungalow and then along a long corridor that ends at a huge steel door.
You'll find lots of information about kelvedon Hatch on the web which is quite ironic seeing as it's suposed to be a "secret" instalation!
Try here for starters...

Entry is 7 which you pay into a Honesty box at the end of the visit in the canteen. A very worthwhile visit if you don't have small kids that will get bored, and very interesting for those of us who lived through the threat of the cold war.
Again, sorry for lack of photos but I simply didn't have enough cash on me to pay the extra 5 for a licence to photograph for the day ( They don't except plastic...)

It was a secret but when it was devomisioned the farmer bought back his field for what he sold it for and got what was left of the bunker, over tue years he has bought second hand a lot of stuff that would of been in there and put it back so to speak and most years they hold the bunker bash there, a weekwnd reenactment and if you walk in the right bit of woods there is a whole network of trenches and gun emplacemwnts that get imlroved on every year.
I have a few picw of the one i traded at a couple of uears ago and will add them later.

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