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Keeping tags on the allotment

I've taken to keeping a quick blog in order to keep up with what I have done when on the allotment -

The blog started out as a way of keeping contact with friends elsewhere and has sort of grown into being a reference point as well.

But I've found that the comments and emails from others are jolly handy as well.

The trouble is that I need a reminder with keeping up with the college homework which involves creating a website in order to pass the course - just get it all balanced up and the tutor says that it could do with a better banner and this means that I'll have to probably change the balance of the layout. Cheers tutor. And you tell me with a deadline to meet! On top of which other people are keeping it marked because they want the links for information. The moral is that you can't please all the people any of the time.

Comments on the website would be nice please. Need to give the tutor some feedback I think  

That looks really good Christine.
I like the bright, open feel of it with the small pictures on a light background.
All the links that I tried went to where the were supposed to go :-)
I shall have to com back and have another browse through it later

Christine .
Much to my shame, I,ve literally only just checked out your website  I think its terrific, nicely set out and a pleasant wander.
My appologies for not having dropped in earlier.

No panic bodger - life is not just for inspecting my website.

Have just updated the photo album of the allotment at - beware of the working gnome who go caught on the pictures!

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