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Kaz and I

Having watched some of the coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show on the television, Karen and I have decided that it might be nice to go and spend a day at this event.

Its not too far from Grandma Bodgers house and we may very well drag the old girl along with us. Have any of you been to this show?
Grandma Bodger

less of the old girl

Grandma Bodger wrote:
less of the old girl

Fair play to you Grandma Bodger - perhaps young Bodger needs a slap round the back of the legs for his insolence when you see him  

Get a mortgage out for yer tickets mate.  
Kirribindi Farm

Yes I've been to the Chelsea Flower Show.
Daughter and I went there last year while we were in London.

The colour and size of the displays were awesome!
So many flowers of so many varieties all meticulously placed into huge arrangements.

The outside garden displays were interesting especially as two of them were put together by organisations that are near neighbours to me.
Flemings Nursery did well again with the awards and I was chuffed to see the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens put on an interesting display of native plants.

My daughter bought butterfly fairy lights and I ordered a handcrafted metal sign for my farm.

Its something you have to do once if you've an interest in gardening.


Thanks for that Jacquie

You'll be passing pretty close to us, I'd invite you in for a brew, but that week we're on holiday - on the Lleyn!    

Not sure if they do this at Tatton but a good day to go to Chelsea is when they are selling the plants off cheap at the end of the day.

Chelsea is an expensive day out but a definate treat. Not somethig you would do every year. We where lucky enough to get one free ticket a few years ago so only had to buy one. But it was a brilliant day.

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