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Just to keep Jonty awake all night...................

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I've seen a few micro breweries on E- bay and they haven't been cheap.
In my dreams, I've fleetingly thought about creating a brewing empire running my cider production alongside brewing beer.

My cider making equipment has come in at about a tenth of that price and, so in the words of the dragons from' Dragons Den' "I wont be investing and I'm out." Nice looking bit of kit though.

Very nice but really expensive.  

I'll be upgrading to Wet Spaniel Mk II later on this year - it'll be a 1 barel plant comprising of 2x100 litre stainless pots and a 70 litre 'thermos flask'  Modifications etc will be done by me and I reckon I can do it for 400 and 2 days work.

It won't look a touch on that one though

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