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Just impressed

with the simplicity and low cost of land rover ownership. I keep thinking about getting rid of the old girl then things like this happen. I got stuck the other put her in diff lock and was a bit hard on her, result was a bang and loss of rear drive. Any way got her home drive flange stripped. Off to get spares and repair her, bought a half shaft (long 24 spline) drive flange gasket and circlip for the princley sum of 33 nipped home and had replaced in 30 minutes and I'm no spanner man. I'll hang on to her a bit longer.  

  good job well done agree with your reasons.


me too,  

You don't give up on your best friend do you? I love Landies but sadly never owned one, will have to rectify that one day soon.

I loved my landy too - very cheap to repair - but expensive to fill her up!
With two horses on the back you really could watch the fuel gauge moving downwards. Fun to drive too, even though the heater didn't work and the windows were held in by moss...would love another one if I could ever afford the fuel.

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