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Just how old are you ?


Just how many of you can recall having products delivered to your door by horse and cart ?
I'll freely admit to the fact that when I was a kid the milk was delivered by pony and trap. Anyone else prepared to own up ?

Can remember Rag & Bone man with Horse and Cart (and bl00dy bell!) and maybe the coalman, but that's about it............

Rag and bone man with horse and cart and grandmother had coal in hessian sacks delivered but that was by lorry not cart.

Our milk came via dad from the farm in a quart can!
Although a blacksmith/farrier was almost next door, the only horse and cart I remember was a waggoner from the local mill (long since fallen into disrepair) he cleaned up a waggon and decorated the horse to give people rides on coronation day.
Grandma Bodger

delivered by horse and cart

Bread on covered cart
Sticks who we use to beg a lift off
Coalman with two large horses who we use to feed bread to{the horses}
Ragbone man who use to give us step stones in exchange for clothes sometimes a goldfish
Milk which was ladled into your jug
There was a very useful end product that we were able to collect from the horses we got half a pence a bucket for that from Mother


and fruit and veg man and daughtr.

We had a rag and bone man come once a year in a horse and cart, once a year because we were a bit rural I suppose.

I grew up on a small private road in stock broker belt Surrey.  The dustmen used to get to the end of the road, about half a mile away, and blow a bugle so we would know they were coming!  

Now I think about it, a knife grinder used to call once a year as well.  I think he had a bicycle with a trailer which had his equipment on it.

Yes I remember the knife sharpener and his bike. He use to raise the back wheel of the bike up off the ground and then pedal away while he sharpened. I'd forgotten about that.

Old man Simpson used to do a fruit and veg round with a horse and cart around the Norton and Brown Edge area. The poor old horses had plenty of hills to contend with.

i can remember the days when the binmen used to come round the back to collect the bin, and put it back for you....we had metal dustbins, that my mother used to line with newspaper before putting rubish in......

Yes - I remember milk and bread being delivered by horse and cart in inner city Brum - actually well into the 1960s.

Now who remembers the livestock wagons on TRAINS? It was common practice for livestock to be transported by train - in fact Amanda Lynne's friend bought a horse with the help of Mo Brandon, who used to operate a riding school from a layby on the Llyn in the 50s and 60s, and that was brought up here by train.

I'm told, that as a small child I was taken to see the circus arrive in Brum, and that arrived by train, with the animals parading down the main road to the circus site. Apparently I was far more interested in the policeman's horse........

All deliveries by internal combustion in my memory of the late 60s and early 70s but I do remember the tinker and his knife sharpening / pot mending bike setup and can still point out the places the milk churns where left out by the farmer for collection by the dairy lorry.

and what about the onion man on his bike......

there is still one in Mumbles, infact he was there on the front two weeks ago....strings and strings of onions on his bike.

It was long before we Moved here but the older locals will tell you that the onion men on their bikes were a common site here on the Lleyn.
mrs tiggywinkle

I'm sure onion man was still going round when I moved here in '74. So was the kleen-eazy man still peddling his wares.

mrs tiggywinkle wrote:
So was the kleen-eazy man still peddling his wares.

We have one now and he is the rudest, most unpleasant git (that is the politest way I can put it), I have the displeasure to know!

Tell him to get on his horse Sue.

  I did once suggest to him, when he had blocked the road and was not going to move for anyone, that he might be one who habitually pleasured himself. I was reversing away at high speed at the time, but I still think he heard.    

On a happier note whilst my old Mum's oil isn't delivered by horse (why not??), the lorry driver calls shortly before he's due, and writes the cheque out for her to sign.  I don't think you get many of those to the pound these days.
Yorkshire Geordie

The store (Co-Op) used to deliver my mum's shopping by horse and cart. The horse never stopped as the delivery man would run from wagon to the  door and back for the next as the horse slowly tramped on.
There was a chiropodist who had one of those early Reliant three wheelers with motorbike girder forks sticking out the front.
We also had the onion Frenchman on his pushbike.
Used to dream of having a push bike.  
You try telling that to the young of today and they won't believe you!


United Dairies Milk Man.
Rag Man.
Shellfish seller on a Sunday morning, pushing a Costermongers hand cart.
Knife Sharpener riding round on a three wheel push bike, two wheels at the front. Back wheel went up on a stand and a gear change then powered the grind stone.

talking of bikes, i can remember as a kid, being fascinated by the dynamo on my dads bike......strange looking device that powered the lights......

mogs wrote:
talking of bikes, i can remember as a kid, being fascinated by the dynamo on my dads bike......strange looking device that powered the lights......

And what were those moped/scooter type things that had little engines and peddles  

I can only remember the rag 'n' bone man coming with his horse and cart, but here was still a breadman - and the Alpine pop man   delivering in the late 60's.
And our doctor made home visits and wore a hairy tweed 3 piece suit and had a gold watch and chain that he let you play with while he looked at your measles  

I remember every Wednesday evening, the son off the farm next door used to come to watch "Sportsview" on the old B&W telly. Waterproofs at the time was an old hessian sack or two.
Who remembers the farmers choosing to "trash" their hedgrows with a hook and forked stick? Brushing the "cachi" off the roads where the cows had crossed
Wouldn't be able to do that nowadays without informing Highways, Health & Safety and performing a risk assessment      

I remember going to my aunts for holidays ,she lived on a dairy farm, i used to get up at 04.30 and go up to the dairy to help ,i loved it the best bit was they used to take the milk in churns ,2 miles down the road to a big dairy ,and it was done by an old man"Geordie" and his horse (a clydesdale) Tam, i  used to get to drive?(the horse had done it that long it wentitself!)  the horse and cart back and old geordie would sit and doze or smoke his pipe . i loved these holidays , i can still smell that pipe yet !!

Gran and Pops...lived in Seven Rd Acocks Green B'ham...
I was always there for w/ends and school hols'...
Bread, milk and rag man (gold fish if you gave him rags ) all
delivered by horse and cart..Granpop used to get me to stand
behind his privit hedge and race out to collect the 'afters' as they
passed...(with a bucket and spade of course   )

Can also remember going to Tysley railway sheds/sidings...
remember many a horse pulling parts, wheels, axels ect, on carts
around the sidings for the workers to carry out the repairs...
Still smell them railway the fresh Os poooh!  

I can remember the rag and bone man well into the early 70s with horse and cart. Oh and the cattle wagons on trains. But I must be too young to remember the real horse and cart deliveries - or grew up in the wrong places ....

Not Horses but does this ring any bells?

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