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just done some tweeks to my site, have a look please

Just did some tweeks to my site that had been suggsted to me by others to include details on buying over the net and placing orders and the like so if people will have a quick look and see what else needs to be done, I am not going to put in a cart yet as it costs a lot more and Im looking at changing the pictures on the site as well but I need to understand the code first as im working on a What You See Is What You Get or wysiwyg system so it should be possibke but im not very god at it yet.
The site is

very classy site matie. well done

took me 4 clicks to get to place an order which is way too many.

1.  Always have something to sell on the home page, Always Always Always
2.  The link to mail order sales is meaningless as you expect it to allow yhou to order and then doesnt.
3.  The link to products doesnt take you to any products, it just tells you about them
4.  Lose the hit counter, that is off putting for casual customers who expect you to be a busy business, if they see just a couple of hundred visitors they will be put off instantly

If I was you I would go and research paypal options and make quick links to "buy now" buttons for product.  People want a quick and easy way to buy something.


I agree with the post above also. Not sure about the large white font on home page as a bit hard on the eyes
Not sure Grey is a  very attractive colour to highlight what you do. Nature is a little more exciting
The description of munchie snacks is a little misleading as they are simply dried wild mushrooms.
Where do you source your wild mushrooms?
Making beef jerky is okay but maybe you should explain where the beef comes from breed of beast etc. I would want to know. oh and cut of meat
try also Venison jerky, rabbit,pheasant and pigeon. I have made all of these but could not make it pay fr me.
If you have a dehydrator try making fruit sticks esp from wild fruits as higher in pectin and natural sugars.
You need more photos on your site too. it is a littel boring.....sorry but i speak honestly.

Some good advice to take in there Tony.

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