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Just a few

Grandma Bodger

i knew I was in for treat when I saw your name thank you I enjoyed them all  

Grandma Bodger wrote:
i knew I was in for treat when I saw your name thank you I enjoyed them all †

Glad you liked them  

Again excellent images.  

Nice show of pheasants, were you a gun or just cameraman or both?

I notice all White hounds which pack is it?

The quicker they get the ban lifted the better.

Thanks,  I was just the cameraman as I am again tomorrow. Hope we dont get to much rain.   Its The North Norfolk Harriers, this is quoted from the NNH site. . .

"The North Norfolk Harriers are the only pack of West Country Harriers in East Anglia.  Major Baillie of Melton Constable introduced the breed in the 1950ís as he believed the hounds, which are predominately white, would show up well on our Norfolk plough.  This is indeed true, although it has been known for a flock of seagulls to be mistaken for the pack by those in the field who are getting on in years."

    Wonder what a fox would make of a flock of seagulls.

Thanks Mawkin, great photos!

great photos  

Those hounds look to be completely white. I like the first picture.
Dave C

Yes thats a very uniformed pack

Great pics, love the Lab  

love them thank you

Great pics  

Great pics  


Love the first one of the Lab  

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