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Just a drop in the ocean

But a step in the right direction don't you think ?

We have planted loads of trees and I know know that Green man has planted even more. On our visit to see her last week, she showed us a ten acre field that she's designated to become woodland in adition to the area that she's already planted.
The 800 acres that the Woodland Trust is going to plant may seem like a drop in the ocean when considered in the grand scheme of things but if everyone who was in a position to do so, planted just a few, then this surely could start to have an effect on our environment.

Prince Charles attracted great ridicule a number of years ago when he rather foolishly admitted to talking to his trees but I can almost understand where he was coming from.

Couldn't agree more!  We planted loads (1200+) this first winter and will probably do a signficant amount more next winter too.    

i really wish we could plant more, but we do have an ancient oak woodland here, so perhaps that counts.... plus i do grow some of the acorns each year and sell them to others at bootsales, plant sales and any other place i can think of, tho not too many people want oaks in their back yard..... :biglol:

dont forget it is not just trees that give off oxygen and soak up the bad air, smaller plants do aswell, so i can feel good knowing i have lots of plants around the garden too.......  

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