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stir crazy


We are holding a show in June, in north wales,  and need some judges:

A B C D Welsh In hand
Mountain and Moorland (ridden and in hand)
General ridden classes (ie lead rein, best horse/pony, rider etc)

Know of anyone who can help?


'Fraid not. Hope you find the ones you are looking for, having helped find judges for a local PC show i know how hard it can be to find good judges who actually know what to look for in a horse/pony.


Pity you are so far away or I guess little sis would have helped out for the Hunters and General

Bit too far for me, otherwise couldve done the in-hand.

Have you tried asking the cob society  for the A B C and D clases, they could well have someone they can recommend in your area
stir crazy

the hunt continues. as it is a little student run show we have left it too late - most judges are booked up. WPCS are doing some ringing round for me. getting worried now

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