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Judas Bird.

Last evening I put a Judas magpie, I've called her Maggie, into my Larson trap for the first time this season and when I checked first thing this morning I'd already caught my first one. That's one less mouth for our songbirds to feed but I've got a long way to go. I can actually hear them chattering up in the fields as I type this.
We've got dozens of them on our holding and they're working every hedgerow in search of eggs and chicks.
The farmer who supplied Maggie to me has caught 76 so far this year.

We've trapped a few but I've shot more this year. They haven't learned about the range of the .17 yet  
Dave C

Taken loads this year in the trap up the shoot and shot about 60 + just walking about, also taken out a lot of nests but it doesn't seem to ever put a dent in them.
Got quite a few round home as well, might b time to thin them out a bit.

Things have been a lot slower than anticipated.
I only caught my third one this morning but I have a problem.
My Larson trap is a shop bought double but for some reason one of the trap doors is playing up. Quite often birds have been setting the trap off but the door hasn't been closing properly and its allowing the birds to escape. I've tried altering it but no avail and I'm not sure whet I can do to put it right.

There is an old saying if in doubt give it a clout

Oh I've tried that Horace.

ive set a larsen out my back for the past 2wks  bdooly sparrows keep nicking the bread bait , tried eggs  but still sparrows getting at them and starlins .

given up now

hopefullbry wrote:
ive set a larsen out my back for the past 2wks  bdooly sparrows keep nicking the bread bait , tried eggs  but still sparrows getting at them and starlins .

We always get a better result when my Missus sets the bait: She makes a really convincing "nest" and then carefully places a few hens eggs in it. Never had a sparrow show any interest and we have hundreds of the things nicking food from the chicken feeder a few metres away.

Result this morning: A hat trick  


I got another singleton this morning and I decided to reset both of the traps. I'd set one and while I was setting the second, the first one went off. A  perch shot out of the trap and I haven't been able to find the damned thing in the grass.    

Would you like the ones nesting in the tree at the bottom of our garden, the tree which is over the bdooly boundary fence    

Joe, you'd soon nobble them with a Larson, they'd definitely wouldn't fancy a new neighbour moving in so close to them.

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