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Jonty's Smoked Salmon

Hi Jonty,
Do you like to part with any more instructions about the salmon you smoked awhile back.
I like to know if you hot or cold smoked it and the correct temperatures and do you prefer a dark long smoked end result or the lighter variety?
At the moment I am collecting recipes to try out. I have my own way but I like to learn as much as I can from others as well.
Sometimes I cold smoke which is rather difficult here in Brisbane but if I stuff it up, the salmon will be hot smoked which I like also.
Bdest Regards,
Jan. Brisbane.

Hi Jan,
I cold smoke the salmon, obviously it's much cooler over here and I'd say the temperature range is usually 10 - 15 degrees C.  My smoker is just in the back garden so it depends on the ambient temperature, I have a light bulb I use as a heater now that we're gerring down to freezing.  The smoker produces a fairly gentle wisp of smoke so an 18 hour smoke gives a nice meduium smoky flavour throught the flesh.  I've now bought a vacum packer which I think really helps with balancing the flavours.

Jonty's smoked salmon

Hi Jonty,
Thank you for all that info. On another forum I am a member of, they all believe in vacuum sealing smoked foods. It intensifies the taste.
I will certainly try it out shortly.
Xmas here in Australia is always BBQ's, Seafood and liquid refreshments, must be due to the hot weather especially here in Queensland.
Best regards,
Jan.  Brisbane.

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