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stir crazy

joint supplement

The boy has early onset arthritis in his coffin joint. he has a small spur on the joint and hopefully with good farriery we can keep him sound. however feel a joint supplement would be a good idea - vet recommended synequin which we have used but be good to hear from some folk who have used supplements and how they got on.

what have you tried and how did you get on.


I have used Flex GLM for my mare for a while now and she is moving so much freer. She wasnt showing any signs of any problems but as she is 18 and still does alot of competing i wanted something that would help her and would work. Its not cheap but it is worth the extra bit of money to my mind. I also use the calmer as well and found it to be brilliant, so much more effective than the mag ox i used to use


Ive used Cortaflex in the past on my old cob. He is still going strong at 32 years young and only retired last year. He had really bad windgalls and it helped a lot. Love Lizzie

I have always used Bute free with good results

MSM & glucosamin (sp?) are good - made by NAF I think. Devils claw is good too.  my oldie NF girlie was on devils claw for the last couple of years of her life, had to have her pts when her legs gave up on her & she couldnt get up last month   she was 32.

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