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Job hunting; Abstract reasoning and Physcometic tests

Job hunting, and promotion within existing employment is becoming ever more intensive in this day and age.

Currently I have been pursuing additional contracts within the Off-Shore Energy industries and each time that I have been interviewed, I have had to undertake certain tasks, tests and evaluations.

At first this seemed to be a little overwelming and extremely difficult, especially the tests and evaluations that I have completed for one of the contract postitions that I am pursuing which includes; Helicopter Winch Transfers to and from wind turbines.

Over the last few days I have gone through many exercises which encompass: Team building, Team leading, Team intergration, personal and spatial awarness, linear and alternative thinking skills, physcometric tests, etc, all of them to find and highlight my personal strengths, weaknesses and other abilities. To say that it is intensive is an understatement. We even have have homework papers and projects to complete.

This morning I stumbled across this web-site; I only wish that I had found it 10-14 days ago. The link contains access to several downloadable exercises that you can take in the comfort of your home. Which should strengthen your existing ablities, and provide you with valuable practice for when you are confronted with similar tests during your job hunting activities.


Believe me, this web-site is a very valuable resource for the job hunter, and career ladder climber.

When these "American" type tests first came in I was working for a small independent pub / restaurant. They got taken over by a huge American owned company. They tested every employee to see how far the could go in the company.

The manager should have been the cleaner & the cleaner the manager.


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